Saturday, April 10, 2010

What's Important to Me Right Now...

Life is good. I'm dirt poor, living in the Philippines with my beautiful, loving wife, Juvy, but God provides all that is needed. I'm grateful for it all, including any hardships. There is a wonderful balance to it all.

My first career was in graphics — typesetting, illustration, graphic art and fine art. I had several one-person shows as Carl Martin, including at the Allegra Art Gallery in the Bonaventure Hotel, downtown Los Angeles, and at the world-famous Griffith Observatory. I also produced background, matte paintings for two-time Academy Award-winning designer, Saul Bass, for his production of the Ray Bradbury short film, "Quest."

My second career included a bachelor's degree in information technology, summa cum laude. I did software engineering and other computer work for Bank of America, Control Data/Ceridian, Global Database Marketing, IPRO Tech and others. I even produced 3D astronomy space software, "Stars in the NeighborHood."

My third career has been simmering for most of my life, that of writing. I wrote my first short story when I was eight. I co-authored a novel with John Dalmas called, Touch the Stars: Emergence (Tor Books, 1983). And I have won two first-place awards for short works — the essay, "Outsiderness in the Scientific Community" (Krupnick Award, 1994) and the short story, "Toady" (Dutton Books Award, 1994).

Now, I have lots of time on my hands and plenty to write about. My most important project involves the truth behind the need for Noah's ark. After years of exegetical research, I've made numerous discoveries that answer many of the questions which have plagued philosophers and theologians for thousands of years — things like, how individual men could each live for nearly a thousand years, how Man could be created twice in Genesis, and the true identity of the "daughters of men" and "sons of God" — the culprits behind God's need for the Flood.

My second, important project involves Atlantis proof. Proof? Amazing! Though it doesn't prove Atlantis directly, three items of scientific evidence, each from a different discipline, support the reality of an Atlantis-like event 9600 BCE. This could change everything for human history. Incredibly, the gap between the beginning of our own written records and the demise of Atlantis is longer than our entire social memory. And it is anyone's guess how far back the history of Atlantis goes.

Update: 2017:1023

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